Who we are

Bryan Russell

Vice President

Chris Natalie

Director of Operations

Reg Wells

Reg Wells has more than 25 years of experience in large and mid level corporate settings and manufacturing plants in diverse roles including Industrial Engineer, Quality Engineer, Senior Recruiter, HR Director, Business Consultant and General Manager. His experience includes international and domestic assignments for U.S. and international corporations. Mr. Wells experience includes turning around a failed manufacturing corporation in Asia. As General Manager of the 950+ employee plant, he implemented process modifications including automation of workstations, material flow changes, development and implementation of cell manufacturing techniques, and a preventative maintenance program. Mr. Wells leadership resulted in a reduction of direct labor of more than 75%, doubling factory output and taking the company from the position of trailer in the industry for quality to the benchmark, obtaining profitability within 24 months.

As a Human Resources Director at Michelin for a newly acquired multi-national corporation, Mr. Wells managed the cultural and managerial transition activities associated with stabilization of the company. Activities included relocation of the corporate headquarters and R&D facilities from Ohio to North Carolina, designing and leading OD activities to integrate new and long-term employees into functional teams. When working for Toyota as a Senior Recruiter, Mr. Wells designed and installed work simulation equipment used in the pre-hire assessment process in an effort to improve selection and retention. Equipment included the use of six vehicle cabs and various assembly line workstation process replications. The processes were credited for the self-elimination of unsuitable candidates, and reduction in turnover and Worker Compensation claims. Reg has a MS in Management, a BS in Human Resources Management, and AS Business Administration. He is a veteran and has a Top Secret Final Security Clearance.

Jim Foote

Jim Foote, born in Tupper Lake, New York, has 40+ years of Senior Operations Executive manufacturing experience with expertise in domestic and international plant operations, cost reduction, inventory management and process improvement. Jim is currently the Regional Operational Manager Southern Operations Responisve Services for 2AM Group, LLC, responsible for providing premium technical services to Customers and their Suppliers within the Automotive, Aerospace and Marine Industries.

Prior to working with 2AM Group, he held the position of Plant Manager for Metal - Dyne Corporation. As Plant Manager, he was responsible for the entire machine operation supply balanced dampers to the Original Equipment Manufacturing Group. Jim was instrumental in negotiating the Canadian Auto Workers (CAW) contract which resulted in expansion and creation of new jobs from Mexico.

In 1996, Jim held the position as Vice President of Manufacturing with Tennessee Aluminum Casting (formerly Doehler Jarvis) in Greenville, Tennessee, was responsible for manufacturing operations of the aluminum foundry supply to the Customer. During his tenure, the company was the only company approved by General Motors to manufacture the V8 Marine Manifold in a sandcasting operation. Jim also led a team to gain QS 9000 quality awareness and recertification at Aluminum Foundry with international presence, while improving machine utilization from 45% to 65% through downtime tracking method and root cause analysis.